1. Why are Le bébé Coo’s products superior in the market?

The motivation for all the products began with our own family in our own home. We resarched the origins of the best possible ingredients and blended with botanicals that have time tested benefits and are pure, natural, and ultra mild.We use harvested acai berry extract, oat, olive, lavendars, cottons, from the best sources worldwide.

2. Does Le bébé Coo test on animals?

NEVER – nor do we allow any testing from our sources to be conducted on animals.

3. Can I wash my baby’s face with just water?

Generally water is simply not enough to remove traces of dirt, regurgitations, milk, etc. from babies face. It is recommended you use our ultra gentle head to toe cleanser to remove impurities without making the skin dry or irritated.

4. Can I use the Le bébé Coo’s wipes to clean my baby’s face?

Le bébé Coo wipes have been specifically formulated to clean gently without alcohol or harmful irritatants. They can be used around the eyes for small secretions that oftentimes occur after sleep, and will not strip the gentle skin to create any redness or irritation. The wipes will leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

5. What is the difference in babies skin and adult skin?

Baby’s skin is much thinner than adults, therefore more fragile. It doesn’t yet assume its natural barrier against external irritating factors and is unable to maintain a consistent level of hydration. urther to this, baby’s skin generally looses moisture up to 50% faster than adults. The upper dermis layers are not developed and the hydrolipid film that protects the skin is non existent in babies. They are much more vulnerable to irritation and infection than adults. The development of the protective layer does not usually occur until the child reaches 3 years old or more.

6. What is diaper rash and how do Le bébé coos products help?

Redness and Diaper Rash is oftentimes frequent and benign occurence in babies. It is generally due to contact with feces or urine, and can also appear if there is a dietary change or antitiotic treatments or teething. Anytime an occurence which may slightly stress the baby, can develop to an acidic condition that is conducive to the developemnt of diaper rash. Our Le bébé Coo diaper ointment boasts the highest content of zinc of all products worldwide. Zinc has been known for centuries to promote fast effective healing and repair. This product can be used for any area of eczema as the ingredients were developed with collaboration with burn specialists and has proven completely effective.

7. Why is baby’s skin drier in the winter?

During the winter, the skin’s exposure to radicals, cold, wind, and central heating tends to create a much dryer atmosphere. Researchers have concluded that the skin of a newborn has a surprising cellular reserve that is at it’s maximum at birth, yet remains vulnerable during the first few years of life. The original cells play a life long major role for the skin – they ensure the skin is capable of regenerating and maintaining balance. It is critically important to keep the young skin well hydrated and protected.

8. Do Le bébé Coos shampoo provide benefit year round?

Yes, contaminates occur from numerous sources in our daily lives. During the summer months, the acitivites are generally more exterior and the water exposure is to swimming pools, and beaches. The dryness from the sun, and the chemicals tends to leave deposits in the hair. Le bébé Coo shampoos are tear free, hypoallergenic, and blended with botanicals that re-hydrate and nourish. The winter months are generally more extreme weather conditions, with cold, wind, central heating and frequently worn head coverups, which can then promote sweating in the scalp and hair, and the cleansing becomes important for the balance of the scalp.

9. Do I need to use conditioner?

Le bébé Coo’s “leave in conditioner” is designed to smooth and condition with a moisture base and not leave a build up of protein deposits on hair. This makes for a “tangle free” experience and less irritation on scalp and breakage of hair.

10. Why do you use SPF sachets?

Le bébé Coo SPF Sachets were formulated specifically for babies and children. Rather than use sprays (which tend to end up in the nose and throat) or messy creams which take too long to be absorbed and oftentimes “run” sometimes into the eyes, the sachet is the perfect applicator for this amazingly mild effective formula. The sachet itself is 100% biodegradable within 14 days, and the formula protects both UVA/UVB rays. We blended aloe, chamomille, lavendar in our formula for protection, moisture, and a barrier that has been tested in water activities. The sachet is easy to use, fits into pockets, lunch boxes, purses, beach bags, etc. for continued protection and use.